50E ICC-Universal


50-Euro ITHAX Rechargeable Universal Calling Card
Call any global destination at very low rates.


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50-Euro ITHAX Rechargeable Universal Calling Card

Call any global destination at very low rates.

Main Characteristics

  1. Cards/PINs are rechargeable (you will be provided with a link and credentials so that you may recharge your card at any time and with any amount using PayPal) or they may be only used once. 
  2. Calls are charged on 1/1 second basis. 1 second minimum call charge and 1 second increments. No hidden charges. 
  3. This card may be converted to a normal subscription at any time and be used over any VOIP phone or application.
  4. This Card NEVER expires. You will be able to use it at any time, as long as, there is available credit.
  5. Cards can be used globally, even over satellite connections at no extra cost. 
  6. DTMF operation is not a guaranteed feature with this card. For DTMF to work you may have to upgrade to a higher tariff.
  7. Prices may change without notice due to changes from the side of call termination. We are making all efforts to keep prices as low as possible.

How to use

  1. Dial the ITHAX access number that will be provided following purchase from any fixed or mobile phone globally, from your ITHAX phone or from Skype.
  2. You will hear a welcoming message and then you will be presented with options for Calling Cards, Technical support, etc. Select “0” (zero) to be connected to ITHAX Calling Card Service.
  3. Immediately you will be asked to enter the PIN number that you will receive following the purchase of this card. Then your available balance will be read out and you will be asked to dial the destination number followed by # (pound key). Depending on the destination that you will dial, your available minutes will be read out and the call will be dialled out.
  4. Calls are charged only if they get connected, we do not charge ringing and connection time.
  5. Destinations can be dialled using the international format, 00+country code+number, or directly “country code”+”number”. To call our office in New York U.S.A. you should dial “12124449704” followed by “#”.


  1. Buy the card(s) online. You will be asked to register with us before you complete the order. Please contact us before you buy, for any inquiries at info@ithax.net.
  2. Following verified purchase (immediately in the case of PayPal) you will receive the card PIN number via email.
  3. You may access ITHAX Calling Card Service in three ways:
    • Following purchase, we will provide a local fixed number that you can use in order to make calls over this ICC. If we do not serve a specific country at the moment we will make a local number available to you within 24-48 hrs. Numbers will be made available to you following purchase, for security reasons. Please feel free to contact us on info@ithax.net for any inquiries.
    • If you are already an ITHAX customer, you may access the calling card service directly and toll-free globally. The number will be made available to you after purchase.
    • You may access ITHAX Calling Card Service over any Skype account, free of charge and you will be prompted to enter your ICC PIN. The Skype name and number in order to access ITHAX Calling Card Service will be sent to you with email following purchase of this product.